New Feature: Add a New Subscriber to Your AWeber Lists Without an Email Confirmation

We’re very excited to announce another new feature for AW Pro Tools:

Now you can add a new subscriber to your AWeber lists without an email confirmation.

What you’ve been able to do in the past…

If you’re wondering “How is this different from being able to move subscribers to a buyer’s list?” let me explain.

With AW Pro Tools you have always been able to move existing subscribers to your buyer’s list by placing an AW Pro Tools Smart Pixel on your thank you page.

And one of the powerful advantages of using AW Pro Tools to build up your buyer’s list is that using the special tracking technology you’re sure to get the exact same email address that your buyers used when they first registered to get on your email list.

So in situations where they use a different email address for a purchase, you’re not going to continue sending them emails about the promotion after they buy.

AW Pro Tools will move them to your buyer’s list.

The (new!) easy way to skip double optin

So how is this new feature different?

Because now you can add a brand new subscriber to your email list without requiring an email confirmation.

For example, if you are sending cold traffic directly to a salespage, you can now add those new clients to your buyer’s list without requiring them to click a confirmation link.

Even though they’ve never been on your list before, AW Pro Tools can add them right to your buyer’s list.

This is an advanced feature that requires a little setup but we are adding specific step by step instructions on how this works in the admin.

  • Love all the new features. Look forward to being a paid member. Have a good one Jack!

    • Anthony Xiques

      Thanks Tyronne!

  • Abdul Khan

    Where is this training in the admin ?

    • Anthony Xiques

      Hey Abdul! After you login, go to “Add Subscriber” in the left menu, and instructions are on that page.