By Popular Request: New Video Automation Controls

We have another awesome new feature for our AW Pro Tools members:

By popular request, you can now control the appearance and function of your videos. Watch this quick video to learn more.

Awesome, right?

AW Pro Tools provides some very powerful automations you can use inside of Aweber like:

  1. Running a smart link when your subscriber reaches a specific point in the video
  2. Tagging your subscribers based on their interaction with the video
  3. Moving subscribers from one list to another based on how long they viewed a video…

Now, your AW Pro Tools are even more powerful…

You now have the ability to control how your video appears on your page.

You can create a video in your AW Pro Tools account using video hosted on Vimeo, Wistia, and YouTube. You can then manage how the video appears on your page with a simple on-off toggle switch:

  • Allow full-screen
  • Allow player controls
  • Auto play

AW Pro Tools is the most comprehensive tool available for supercharging your email marketing with Aweber and this new feature makes it even more powerful.

What do you think of this latest feature? Please let us know in the comments below or contact us via email.