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I’m excited to introduce the new AW Pro Tools — our biggest update yet!

AW Pro Tools pioneered automation for AWeber. As AWeber started ramping up their own automation tools, we set out to create the next level of marketing automation for AWeber.

The new AW Pro Tools has a fresh new look. It works beautifully on any screen size — from your mobile phone, to your 27″ desktop. All of our features are accessible from any device, so you can manage your automations wherever you are, whenever you need to.

We’ve also upgraded our servers and infrastructure to make AW Pro Tools faster for you, and most importantly – your subscribers. Our updated architecture redirects your links instantly, ensuring your subscribers get the best experience possible, while still making sure every action you configured runs, in order.

But the biggest news is our new & updated Triggers and Actions. Here’s a partial list of new features you can use today to create smarter funnels:

  1. You can chain any number of automations using the updated “Another Automation” trigger. Want to move a subscriber, apply a tag, and add them to Facebook Custom Audience in one click? No problem!
    See video.
  2. The new “Finished Legacy Followup Series” trigger replaces our Legacy Followup Robots. Not only do you get better stats with the new trigger, but it also lets you use an “Engagement Filter” action to have different actions for each subscriber, based on their engagement. Want to move non-openers to one list, and the more engaged subscriber to another list? No problem!
    See video.
  3. Tags everywhere — you can now add and remove tags from any action. You can also set custom fields from any action. See video.
  4. Stop Campaigns action — AWeber Campaigns are great, but sometimes you want to stop them in the middle when a subscriber does something. The new Stop Campaigns action does exactly that — it stops all the currently running Campaigns for a subscriber.

That’s just a partial list — we’ll be writing new blog posts soon to give you a more detailed tour. AW Pro Tools Automations work everywhere – AWeber Campaigns, Legacy Followup Series, Broadcast messages, and even beyond email: your website, Facebook, and thousands of services using Zapier.

If you already have an AW Pro Tools account, login to check out the new features, and let us know what you think. And if you don’t have an AW Pro Tools account yet — sign up to a free 14 days trial now.